Product Summary

The HL6748MG-A is a 0.67μm band AIGaInP laser diode with a multi-quantum well structure. It is suitable as a light source for laser beam printers and other types of optical equipment.


HL6748MG-A absolute maximum ratings: (1)optical output power: 10mW; (2)LD reverse voltage: 2V; (3)PD reverse voltage: 20V; (4)operating temperature: -10 to 60℃; (5)storage temperature: -40 to 85℃.


HL6748MG-A features: (1)Visible light output: 670nm Typ; (2)single longitudinal mode; (3)optical output power: 10mW CW; (4)Low operating current: 30mA Typ; (5)low operating voltage: 2.2V Typ.


HL6748MG-A circuit