Product Summary

The JM20316-LGCA4A is a stereo modulator. It is an integrated circuit used to generate a stereo composite signal and obtain switching output and 19kHz pilot signal due to two input audio signal and 38kHz X-tal and a few external CR.


JM20316-LGCA4A absolute maximum ratings: (1)supply voltage: 3.6V; (2)power dissipation: 500mW; (3)operating temperature range: -20 to 75℃; (4)storage temperature range: -40 to 125℃.


JM20316-LGCA4A features: (1)low operating voltage; (2)low operating current; (3)high separation; (4)separation adjustable; (5)package outline; (6)bipolar technology.


 JM20316-LGCA4A block diagram