Product Summary

The MN3674 is a high responsivity CCD color linear image sensor with 512 pixels each for R and B and 1024 G pixels, and having low dark output floating photodiodes in the photodetector region and CCD analog shift registers for read out. It can read a 64mm-width color document with a high quality and a maximum pseudo resolution of 400dpi. In addition to being used as a color sensor, this device can also be used as a black and white sensor if only the G row is used, and in this case, it is possible to read a 64mm-width document with a full resolution of 400dpi. Since a one line delay analog memory is built in so as to compensate for the difference in the positions of reading out between the R, B rows and the G row, the configuration of the signal processing circuit becomes simpler.


MN3674 features: (1)2048 floating photodiodes and n-channel buried type CCD shift registers for read out are integrated in a single chip; (2)RGB primary colors type on chip color filters are used for color separation; (3)In order to compensate for the distance between the photodiode rows for the R, B colors and the G color, the device has a built in analog memory that can store the signals of one line of the R-B colors row; (4)All clock inputs can be driven by 5V CMOS logic; (5)Use of photodiodes with a new structure has made the dark output voltage very low; (6)Large signal output of typically 08V at saturation can be obtained.


MN3674 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Power supply voltage: -0.3 to + 15V; (2)Input pulse voltage: – 0.3 to + 15V; (3)Operating temperature range: 0 to + 60°C; (4)Storage temperature range: –25 to + 85°C; (5)Power supply current IDD VDD= +12V: 10 to 20 mA; (6)Signal output delay time tOS (a reference value): 50 ns.


MN3674 pin connection